The Playful Foxes of the Cat World

Purring Fox Jaah Sadin (Jazz) - Ruddy Somali Male


Santa Somali and a dog in cat's clothing, Rosie O'Doggal

Welcome to the world of Purring Fox Somalis. Our Mom says that this is a lunatic asylum and she is the head lunatic. We prefer to think of it as a controlled form of insanity. Our world began as most others, slowly and grew in size and momentum. We have a wonderful cat named Vanilla to thank for our beginnings, that and the very deep love our Mom has for each and every one of us. If you would like to know Vanilla's story go to her page, popcorn and tissues are optional.

We Somalis are active cats that need lots of attention from our owners. We are inquisitive and love to help you with whatever you are doing. We are very good at helping you make the bed, reading the paper with you and some of us have been known to help sweep floors and ride around on vacuum cleaners. We are pretty good at retrieving objects like pipe cleaners and pom-poms. Many of us have learned to walk on a leash and even help you take a bath. Someone once said that after you have been owned by a Somali, you can never again say that no one understands you.

People say we look like the fox because of our big bushy tails, big ears and our facial markings. Our fur is medium in length and pretty easy to care for. We do not mat easily but like a good brushing once in awhile. It feels really good. We are a medium built cat and weigh from about 7 to 12 pounds. Our eyes range from gold to green and our coats come in 4 colors, ruddy, sorrel, blue and fawn. The individual hairs on much of our bodies are ticked. This means the hair has bands of color, kind of like the one on the right. You can see all the colors we come in on our photo page.

Please send our Mom, Cindy some e-mail. She really likes to hear how our page looks and what you think of us, as if she didn't already know how wonderful and beautiful we are.

Please use the Java applet drop box to surf our pages. If you do not have a Java enabled browser, click on the Table of Contents box below and wander from there. The cats and I hope you have a good time while you are here.

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